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The mission of the AECCP is to assist, with a


(WE ARE NOT A BUSINESS AND WE DO NOT ACCEPT ANY MONEY - actually we do not have any money :-) - please always consult a professional when looking for treatment of PTSD - This site is in no way a substitute for professional treatment; it only serves to help you as a starting point towards your destination of treatment, education and understanding.)

Combat PTSD diagnosed individuals, their spouses, children, and dependent parents by providing a forum on the Internet to help you, and your family to understand PTSD.

Combat PTSD covers war veterans, police officers, firemen, EMT personnel, teachers, students, and other civilians that have been in a combat or life threatening situations which were outside the realm of normal human experience. This site is dedicated to these individuals, their spouses, children and their parents.

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PTSD and PDSD caused by bullying, harassment and abuse

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